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Admicom is a fast-growing and profitable Finnish pioneer in cloud-based ERP solutions. We provide an effective and cost-saving management tool for construction, building services engineering and manufacturing companies.

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Key figures 1-12/2020


Admicom Oyj: Company announcement March 10th 2020, 10:00 EET:
Admicom Oyj acquires Finnish construction software company Tocoman Oy   
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About Admicom


Admicom is a Finnish provider of cloud-based ERP solutions for construction, building services engineering and manufacturing companies and a comprehensive partner in software and accounting services.

We are the market leader in our core target group; building services engineering. Our ERP, Adminet currently has over 20 000 active users.

We are a profitably and rapidly growing company, largely owned by our staff. We have more than 160 professionals working in four locations around Finland. In February 2018 Admicom Oyj was listed on the First North Growth Market Finland maintained by Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd.

Vision: Our vision is to be a pioneer in developing ERP solutions for small and medium-sized companies.

Strategy: Admicom offers the most advanced ERP and superior services to selected target groups.

Most advanced ERP

  • Cloud service
  • Highly automated
  • Most extensive solution for customer industries
  • Constant development and regular updates

Superior services

  • Safe maintenance and back ups, zero downtime
  • Best industry expertise
  • Efficiency and reliability
  • Packaged services


Admicom selected as Star of 2019 in the European Small and Mid-Cap Awards!

We are honored to have won the Star of 2019 category of the European Small & Mid-cap Awards 2019. The winners of each category were announced on 12th November 2019 in Brussels.

”The whole staff has made this victory possible. Our success is based on years of dedicated work, the entrepreneurial spirit of our employees and commitment to a common goal. This is a great milestone in our objective of becoming a market leader in our own industry as well as expanding into international markets.

– Antti Seppä, CEO of Admicom –


To win the title of Star of 2019 the company has to meet the following criteria:

”An exceptional performer in its sector and a responsible corporate citizen will be the winner of the Star of 2019. This exceptional leader will be a newly listed  mid-cap company that stand out in the crowd in a broad range of areas with its clear growth potential. This stellar company will be also well-managed and have  made good use of the proceeds of flotation. Since going public, the winner’s share price should have risen to a respectable but not excessive premium.”

Read more about the awards

Nasdaq Nordic Investor News: Admicom selected as Star of 2019 in the European Small and Mid Cap Awards 2019

What we provide:

Software services

We help our customers manage all their functions with one automated cloud service: Adminet.

Accounting services

We offer reliable, industry-specific and 100% paper-free accounting and payroll services.

Customer service

We take care of our customers all the way from system implementation and support to business development.

Why customers choose us:

Streamlining customer business

Adminet boosts operational efficiency by automating manual processes and complex integrations. Information flow is seamless from production site to office.

Pioneer in software development

Admicom boosts digitalization in its customer industries by offering the best practices in the field. Strong focus to specific customer segments has led to superior solutions.

The most comprehensive solution

Admicom offers the most extensive software solution to construction, building services engineering and manufacturing companies. No outside-Adminet integrations are necessary.

Pure cloud ERP

Customers can use Adminet in an internet browser anytime and anywhere. Our ERP is a modular system and customers can choose the most beneficial application combination.

Real time information

Thanks to advanced automation, unique project revenue recognition logic and all in one solution, our ERP is able to produce real time information and the right metrics for business management.


Customer reviews:

We have helped create hundreds of Finnish success stories.
Over 130 of them have been published in our customer magazines since 2004.

”Adminet helps us by making our operations more efficient, saving time and providing us a lot of information to keep track of the company’s finances.”

Jukka Pietilä, CEO, IntLog Oy

”Adminet has been one of the prerequisites for our growth to be possible at all.”

Hannu Kauppi, CEO, HSK Sähkö Oy

”Currently we have fewer administrative employees than before, even though our revenue grew almost 4 million euros last year.”

Malik Bentaieb, CEO, LTU Group Oy


Our business


Customer segments

Admicom is the market leader in its core target group; building services engineering. Admicom has strong growth in construction segment and significant potential in its most recent customer segment of manufacturing industry.

Adminet ERP streamlines operations and increases competitiveness for small and medium-size enterprises by automating routine office work.

Admicom Oyj - Segments (2020)

SaaS Business Model

Key drivers of growth and development in the ERP markets are the digitalization of financial administration and the transition from laborious ERP implementation projects to faster and more agile solutions.

Cloud-based softwares replace older licensing softwares at a growing pace. For customers, SaaS (Software as a Service) offers flexibility, a small initial investment, real-time information and an ability to work anytime, anywhere. This brings significant cost savings, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. For software companies, the SaaS business model is attractive because it is based on a growing and constant revenue stream.

Admicom Oyj - Services (2020)

Admicom's Profitable Growth

Approximately 91 % of Admicom’s revenue consisted of recurring monthly invoicing in 2020. Admicom has grown profitably by 36 % since 2018 with an EBITDA-% of 46 %.

We are aiming to maintain at least 10-20 % annual growth rate for 2021 with an EBITDA of 40-50 %.

Admicom Oyj - Revenue growth

Core markets

Although we are the market leader within our core target group, Admicom still has market potential within the current customer segments (see pictures based on Admicom’s market data below). However, we also actively investigate other potential sources of growth. 


Admicom Oyj - Total market potential (2020)

Admicom Oyj - Markets (2020)


Admicom’s main competitors are industry-specific ERP-systems, mainly local in Finland. Other competitors are financial management software that are integrated with smaller software or mobile/web applications such as Excel, time reporting, invoicing, offer calculation etc.

Currently, there are no other players in the market who can offer as extensive and industry-specific solution for the same target groups.

Admicom’s competition

Admicom - competitors 2020

Reasons to invest in Admicom


  • Track record of profitable growth (+ 40 % in 2020)
  • Approximately 91 % of revenue consisted of recurring monthly invoicing in 2020
  • Aiming to maintain 10-20 % annual growth rate for 2021


  • Successful business model, EBITDA 45 % in 2020. Our goal for 2021 is 40–50 %
  • Aiming to allocate over 50 % of profits as dividend, without risking growth strategy
  • Return on investment 44 % in 2020


  • Comprehensive, industry-specific service provider
  • Highly automated and constantly evolving ERP system
  • Solutions that genuinely help customers, e.g. more than 30 centrally maintained price lists

Presentations and reports

Investor Presentation

You can find more information about Admicom in our latest investor presentation (updated on January 15th 2021):

View presentation

Company report (Inderes) – May 2020

Read the extensive company update ”Strong value creation continues” by Inderes – the biggest equity analyst team in Finland.

Read the report


Share information

Market: Nasdaq First North Growth Market Finland
Trading Code: ADMCM
ISIN Code: FI4000251830
Number of Shares: 4 927 698
Series of Shares: 1



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